Have you tried the boutique finder widget?

Recently I came across this Farfetch app that helps you find a boutique according to your personal style and I must say I was impressed.Its simple, and easy to use even if you are not are not a techno- freak. All you just have to do is choose what suits you and what you think your style or sense of style is and voila! it will take you to the exact place, where you will be able to obtain all those statement pieces and designer wear all in one place and the style will be totally you! Based on my personal style the widget took me just to the place that sees to all my fashion need, and all under one roof! How amazing is that?

Here’s a link to the super stylish widget  http://farfetchassets.com/boutique-finder . I have also attached some photos from the widget app to show how versatile it is according to your own personal style.I hope you will have as much fun using it as I did and will provide feedback on it, and it will help you find just the right place to get everything “you” all under one roof! happy widgeting 🙂unnamed (2)unnamed (1) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed

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