How to Grow Your Hair Naturally


I’m sure you must be wondering why I’m doing a post on hair growth especially because I wear a scarf so it really doesn’t matter whether my hair grows or not. But it actually does! Under my scarf there is actually hair, yes, a head full of hair! And because I wear a scarf my hair does tend to thin and is often prone to falling which does have a negative impact on my hair growth.

You know how people always tell you to plan for the future? well I’m like that but with my hair. No, not the person telling others that but the person that actually heeds advice and plans for the future. Well, back to the hair situation: since my hair is more likely to thin and fall more often then non- hijabi’s I like to take certain measures to ensure that my hair is always growing and I always have a head filled with healthy looking hair.

I’m not going to deny this but Indians do have amazing hair; the reason for this partially because of good genes but also because of how much time, energy and products we use to obtain that full healthy looking glossy hair. You may not be having the genes but do not fear, Yours Truly is here to help you obtain the ‘Pantene’ advert hair that you lust after (but without using Pantene).

Here are a few tips to help you get those strands growing:

I’m going to be starting off with the basics, which we each or at least most of us do and then move on to products and ways to improve hair growth.

  1. Water

Drink lots and lots of water, about 8 glasses or more per day. Water is not only good for the skin but also for the hair. Water helps the body to process and flushes out unwanted toxins and this helps your hair to grow naturally. I can go on about the benefits of water but you should know by now that water is really good for your body, skin and hair. So just start drinking the water already!

 2. You are what you eat!


What you eat has an impact on your hair and I’ve noticed that the weeks I don’t eat properly my hair doesn’t look as good and that month my hair won’t grow that much compared to the months when I do eat properly. By eating properly, I don’t only mean having salad with every meal because let’s be real that is not even a portion of eating properly but eating food or rather including food that is rich in protein. Some of the foods which are extremely rich in protein and that will definitely improve hair growth are: nuts, eggs, oysters, salmon, chia or flex seeds, sweet potatoes and avocados.

3. Brushing your hair


The more often you brush your hair the more likely it is to grow. I usually brush my hair in the morning and before I sleep. Brushing your hair a couple of times stimulates blood flow to your scalp and this then has an impact on your hair growth. When brushing your hair do it gently as being aggressive will have a negative impact on your hair.


4. Eggs 

Eggs cannot only be digested to obtain optimal hair growth but can also be used on your hair. A 2-in-1, how great is that! The egg can be divided and the whites can be applied to your hair like a mask and then washed off as the whites are essentially the part of the egg that leads to hair growth. I, however, use the whole egg as there is no point in using half the egg and then when exactly do use the yolk? Using the whole egg on your hair will also help with the texture of your hair. I like to add in a bit of mayonnaise (for shine) and a drop or two of lemon juice (for color); beat these ingredients together and apply on your hair till it gets really hard and then wash off  with water and then shampoo. Do this and your hair will not only grow but also look super glossy, healthy and fuller. And if washed properly it will not smell like eggs, I promise.

5. Oils

Oils are super amazing for the hair, not only does it nourish your hair but it helps with hair growth too. I usually apply oil once or twice a week in the evening and then in the morning I was it off. When applying oil ensure that you massage a bit of oil and you can always build up on the oil. Massaging oil into your scalp gets the blood flowing and doing it once or twice a week really helps with the hair growth.

There are so many different oils on the market, I’ve limited it down to the ones that I use and that are extremely natural and inexpensive:

Vatika Hair Oil: Definitely my go to oil! This oil is super Indian but its because you get such amazing results while using it; it does have a bit of a smell but you get use to it after a while and you can always wash it out so don’t be too bothered about the smell; it really helps with your hair growth and at the same time leaves your hair really nourished, healthy and full. They also have coconut, and almond oil which also really helps with the growth of your hair.

Almond Oil: Almond oil contains all kinds of super healthy ingredients which your hair needs. Almond oil nourishes and strengthens your hair.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil like almond oil contains healthy ingredients for your hair. These ingredients help to nourish your hair and helps to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles.

(Almond and Coconut oil can be purchased at Dis-Chem or a local store or pharmacy near you).

6. Ginger


If you have patches in your hair or you hair is really having difficulty growing then you need ginger in your life! Cut a piece of fresh ginger and apply it directly to the area of your head where you want to regrow your hair, leave the ginger juice for about 30 minutes and then wash it off. It does have a bit of tingle but this is because of it stimulating blood circulation to hair follicles. This also prevents your hair from thinning. I’ve used this quite a few times and you can see your hair growing back in places where you thought it was never going to grow. The ginger also is high in fatty acids which prevents your hair from thinning.

Also ensure that your are using the right shampoo and conditioner because sometimes that could be the reason why your hair doesn’t grow as much.

P.S. These are just products and ways which help me  with my hair growth; friends that have tried these guidelines would definitely agree to it working.

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