Color Correcting 101

Today, I’m going to be sharing one of my biggest beauty secrets that always ensures that I have a flawless finish and no marks are visible. I constantly do this, almost each time when I do my makeup, as it just takes your makeup to another level. Yes it can be a bit time consuming and might take a few extra minutes BUT its a few extra minutes well spent! and once you start doing these extra steps you won’t be able to do your makeup without doing it.

You still wondering what exactly am I talking about? Well if you are a makeup freak like me, you already know what I’m talking about and well if you still have no idea, no worries! Yours truly is here to tell you all about it.

Color Correcting

I’m sure you have maybe heard about it or have seen these different color concealers but are unsure what its for. In the post below, I’ll be breaking down what color correcting is and how I color correct.

What is Color Correcting?

Color correcting could be defined as using a particular color concealer from the color wheel such as red, orange and yellow hues which are right across from the blue, purple and green hues on the color wheel. Usually the opposite color from a color wheel will tell you what you what color concealer to use according to the issue or rather color of the issue. Its really quite difficult to explain this concept and some of you might be confused as to how the color wheel and covering up certain problem areas on your face are related.

To make this a bit easier here’s a guide below that will help you decide what color concealer you will be using and for what?

Regarding the red for under eye bags, the darker you skin color is the darker the hue of red is, if your skin is much lighter opt for a light read or even an orangish- peach which you can obtain by mixing orange and yellow together.

Once you’ve obtained what concealers you will be using apply to your face. I usually put the product on what my fingers to the areas I would like to cover up. Depending on your skin, the color concealer used might variate.

I love this Wet n Wild concealer which I use for color correcting.


wet n wild CoverAll Concealer Palette: 54,95

I also love the LA Pro Girl concealer, its super creamy and blends really well.

I first apply primer and then apply or more like pat the different colors onto my face.


After applying primer

This how I color correct: I have a lot of dark spots so I use a lot of pink, the yellow for uneven skin tone, red for the bags under my eyes and green around my nose because the nose always tends to get red and other areas that a bit red on my face.


So after I apply the color correcting concealers, I take my foundation and put it on my face. I then use my foundation brush to blend and then my beauty blender. Let me just make this clear, I only apply the color correctors, I don’t blend or anything and then I apply the foundation on top of it and then I blend everything in.

Once everything is blended in you can apply a concealer if you want a bit more coverage but it isn’t always necessary because color correcting does make your skin perfect.


Post- color correcting

Can you see the difference? Its amazing! The results are absolutely amazing.

Afterwards I applied my Max Factor setting spray to ensure that it lasts the entire day.If you would like after putting foundation and concealer you can then finish up your makeup and contour and highlight or put on blush.

Color correcting changes your makeup game and guarantees absolutely flawless results each time.

Feel free to share with me your thoughts or experiences of color correcting. If you enjoyed this post please click the like button and share because sharing is caring.

P.S. The products discussed above can be purchased at a Dis- Chem near you, if you looking for a more high end product Clinique has an amazing range of color correctors.

To see the compete look you can check it out on my instagram page: @hijaabi_barbie

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