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I’ve been suffering from hyper-pigmentation, sunspots and not forgetting acne scarring for quite a while and I haven’t actually found anything that actually works until I tried The Ordinary. The Ordinary Alpha Artbutin 2% + HA literally lives up to the hype and gets rid of hyper- pigmentation and scarring.

The day I started using it, I wasn’t too sure if it would actually work. But after a few days of using it my skin looked clearer. Within a week my scarring had become lighter. I’ve been using it for about 6-8 weeks now, and almost every day I can see the difference in my skin. My scarring is almost gone, and on certain parts of my face it has disappeared completely. Hyper-pigmentation and has definitely decreased, and my skin is evening out, even the most stubborn sunspots which could still be noticeable even with foundation on is starting to reduce, and each and every day these spots are becoming closer to my skin tone.

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA is a treatment serum that contains the active ingredient of Alpha Arbutin which is derived from the bearberry. It contains 2% of this ingredient which is extremely high in concentration and allows this serum to be much more effective compared to a serum with a lower percentage of Alpha Arbutin. Alpha Artubin evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of spots and hyper-pigmentation. The serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is amazing for hydration and smooth skin.

This serum is literally the best thing that ever happened to my skin! Bye bye hyper-pigmentation and spots; hello clear, beautiful skin!

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I tried this CULT favorite exfoliator and this is what happened…

I’m sure you’ve seen the famous green bottle with an orange liquid inside that everyone has been posting and raving about. What is so wonderful about this product that every influencer is swearing by? I too was curious about this product and decided to get my hands on it. If you are still not sure about what I’m talking about then let me enlighten you. This magnificent product that people have been going on about is none other then The Pixi Glow Tonic.

Pixi Glow Tonic

According to the Pixi website, the Pixi Glow Tonic is an exfoliator that helps to tone, firm and tighten the skin. It removes dead skin cells for healthier looking skill.

I started using this exfoliator about once a week, and immediately after using it the first time my skin became really dry and at certain places started peeling. I was extremely disappointed as I expected so much more from the product. I also realized that the product was extremely strong as I was using it once a week yet it had the power to make my skin peel. I couldn’t give up on the product especially after spending quite a bit on it. I carried on using once it a week and my skin continued peeling.

However, after using it for the third time, my skin didn’t peel. By the fourth time, it was normal. After using it for a month, my skin started getting use to it and shortly afterwards I could see the difference in my skin. My skin started looking brighter and it started becoming really smooth. My skin was definitely toning and the marks on my face seemed a little bit light. I have absolutely no bumps or pores on my face. And since using it I don’t have any major breakouts, I might get a pimple when its that time of the month, but that’s about it.

I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about but after testing it, I’m so obsessed! My skin has never looked this good and I definitely won’t be letting go of this baby!

Have you tried the Pixi Glow Tonic? What are your thoughts?

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This is how YOU can get RID of Cracked Heels Overnight!

Yes, you read it right! I’m going to be sharing a little secret which works miracles in winter.

Image: (

Winter is one of those seasons where I cannot escape getting a little bit of a cracked heel and I absolutely cannot stand it! I obviously cannot be sitting and scrubbing my feet everyday, because I honestly don’t have time for that. However I have discovered this genius little hack which literally rejuvenates my heels overnight and when I wake my heels are as good as new.

All you have to do is take your tub of Vaseline and rub a generous amount on your cracked heels or areas that are affected. You can go crazy with the Vaseline if you like. Once you feel like you’ve applied enough, take a clean pair of socks and wear it. Covering your feet with a sock ensures that all the moisture you are trying to obtain is locked in. Wear the socks overnight and when you wake up, you will literally have the smoothest heels ever! If your heels are extremely damaged then I would suggest scrubbing it first to get rid of all the dead skin cells before applying the above remedy.

Benefits of using Vaseline:

Vaseline provides the perfect amount of moisture to your heels. It rehydrates and locks the moisture in, thereby preventing your feet from drying or cracking any further.

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Lots of love,

Juwairiya xo

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This Makeup Hack is Perfect for the Summer!!

During Summer we spend most of our times outdoors, doing all these fun activities and going on holidays which we obviously couldn’t do during other seasons. Now apart from all the amazing things we can do, Summer does have a downside! The heat! It gets extremely hot and outside can be extremely humid; and humidity does not go very well with makeup. It does suck, especially since you’d like to be seen everywhere but what’s the point if you can’t display your amazing face beat because its most likely going to melt?

I know right! Humidity was clearly not going to get in the way of a good face beat, that’s why I discovered this amazing little hack which always works wonders during the hotter seasons. Compared to other seasons, I usually use a very light moisturizer in summer and I also stick to foundations that are lighter in consistency, I mean you can’t be piling your face with products of a heavy consistency; your face is going to melt, I’m serious! It’s so important to choose the correct texture based on the season, this way you will have maximum optimization of the season.

Now this little hack has been working wonders for me and honestly I wish I started doing earlier; I would have saved on so much product. I like to take my moisturizer and mix it with my foundation. This definitely thins down my foundation and makes it perfect for me to wear even in extremely hot weather conditions. Your coverage is going to be so much more lighter and you honestly don’t want to pack on a lot of products. Mixing your moisturizer with foundation dilutes the concentration of the foundation while also providing some hydration to the skin. And not forgetting, your finish will look so much natural, almost like skin! And I absolutely love when my makeup looks like skin cos it sure does look like I woke up like this and I mean who doesn’t want to have that super natural I woke up like this makeup look?

Have you tried this hack before?

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The BEST Drugstore Moisturizer for YOUR skin this winter!

Its Winter! And you know what that means? Extremely dry skin that starts cracking even though you have been putting on cream the entire day. Its gets super annoying and nothing looks good, because your skin look and feels horrible. Winter is just the season that gives you extremely dehydrated skin; but do not fear, I got you. With the right moisturizer dry skin will be the least of your problems.

I discovered this baby when my skin dried out because of all of the different acne treatments and products I was using. My skin became extremely dry, it was so dry that my skin was highly irritated and it use to hurt me! I would carry my day cream in my handbag and I would apply it throughout the day and that was still not helping my skin. It was an absolute nightmare, until a colleague suggested that I try Eucerin Aquaporin.

I wasn’t too sure if it would work especially since my skin was in such a horrible state. I decided to give it a try, I mean my skin couldn’t get worse then how it was. And to my utmost surprise, this little miracle in a jar literally turned my skin around. After the first use, my skin was already nourished and it didn’t look dry at all! Within the next few days, my skin looked and felt so much better. All my dry patches had disappeared and my skin was not irritated, it was soft and calm which felt extremely weird, but it was definitely something I could get use to.

The Eucerin Aquaporin comes in a little glass jar; the packaging is extremely neat and one jar could last you a good few months, even if you used it every single day. The formula is creamy, and a little thick and could feel greasy on application if not massaged properly into the skin.

This moisturizer is literally the best thing that ever happened to my skin! Its also amazing for winter so your skin doesn’t dry out or look malnourished. I’ve tried many moisturizers but nothing comes close to the love affair that I have with Aquaporin.

Eucerin Aquaporin available at Clicks or Dis- Chem: R229,95

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This is the Perfect Dupe for Huda Beauty’s Eyeshadow Palette

If you don’t who Huda is or the brand Huda Beauty, then you are definitely living under a rock! Huda Beauty is a makeup brand created by beauty mogul Huda Kattan, her makeup line is extremely diverse from lip liners to liquid illuminators. Her eyeshadow palettes are definitely a must have item in any beauty lovers collection and I’ve found the perfect dupe for you.

The Original Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette VS Huda Beauty Remastered Palette (Source:

One of the first products she launched was an eyeshadow palette called The Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, a year later and another palette which was very similar was launched, however it was called the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette. Now finding a palette has been quite challenging but I’ve managed to obtain a very similar one that doesn’t break the bank.

Now if you are familiar with the Huda Beauty brand, you ought to know that the products are extremely pricey, and an eyeshadow palette goes for +- R1 200, 00. Now I love makeup and you can literally sell me anything makeup related, but splashing that much of my hard earned money on a palette! That is just a complete NO! If it was a face product such as foundation then that’s a different story. So obviously I was curious and I really wanted to try it out but the price tag was holding me back. After spending alot of time searching, I finally found a palette on Makeup Shack that was quite similar and it cost like quarter the amount of the Huda Beauty palette. The Bad Habit Aphrodite palette is literally the perfect dupe and it costs only R499,99; like I could buy two palettes for the price of one Huda Beauty palette and I would still have change for some really expensive coffee plus cake! The pigments are to die for and I can’t even describe the shimmers! Its like glitter on your eyelids!

The Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette

The palette was introduced just after the original Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette was introduced, and even though the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered was introduced afterwards the shades and colors are still extremely similar and really relevant.

If you would like to check out or shop this gorgeous palette, I’ve added a link for you –

This Is Why Sheet Masks Need To Be a Part of Your Skincare Regiment!

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks- R49,95

I didn’t realize what I was missing out on, until I tried a sheet mask. If your skin is looking a little dull or feeling really dry then you need a sheet mask in your life. Sheet masks are these amazing pieces of cloth almost tissue like this is soaked into product and then applied to the face for a short period of time- the results are your skin looks extremely rejuvenated and it feels almost new and the best part is that you don’t have to spend forever wiping it off!

A sheet mask is like being your own beautician in the comfort of your home, without having to change or spend a hefty amount of money. Sheet masks are an extremely inexpensive way of treating your skin to get that glow. A sheet mask can be bought at a store or pharmacy and then applied to a clean face, every week or every other week. I prefer the latter.Once time has lapsed and you’ve taken out the mask, you can pat all the extra serum into you skin. The sheet mask is filled with serum such as hydraulic acid and vitamins, and when applied to the face it deeply penetrates the skin as it is left on the skin to soak in; its like applying 5 nights of serum but all in one go!

These babies give such amazing results to your skin all at once; its like an extremely fast way of making your skin look “wow”. Unlike applying a usual mask on your face which tends to dry out your skin as the ingredients have to dry out on the skin in order for it to work, whereas a sheet mask tends to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. The sheet mask you would choose, depends on the outcome you would like to achieve from the mask for e.g brightening, firming or hydrating skin. I love using a sheet mask for hydration and to make my skin appear plump. Garnier has some amazing sheet masks, which will not break the bank!

Have you tried sheet masking? or is sheet masking already part of your regiment?

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