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Cetaphil: What’s the fuss?

Not too long ago I was having multiple breakouts and my skin was looking horrible, I decided to get a professional opinion and booked an appointment with a dermatologist (I HAD NO IDEA that dermatologists were so busy!) and I obtained an appointment for six weeks later. The wait was endless and it felt like my skin was getting worse.

Upon visiting the dermatologist, I discovered I had acne. The doctor prescribed multiple different types of medication and creams and recommended that I use Cetaphil as part of my daily cleansing routine.


I followed the doctors orders and purchased the smaller bottle of the Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin. It was extremely gentle on the skin and it felt lovely when I washed with it every day. After a weak of usage my skin started getting extremely dry, and there was patches on my face where the skin was peeling off, because of the dryness my skin felt horrible, it was extremely uncomfortable and when I tried to apply something to moisturize my skin, it burnt because of the dryness of my skin. I stopped using it immediately and after alot of product my skin was able to get its moisture back.

Giving the price and the tall promises of the product, I would think that it would work better on the skin especially since its developed for acne prone skin and multiple tests have been done before the product reaches the market. Instead of it fulfilling its promises it made my skin worse and this has also happened to a few people that have tried the Cetaphil skincare. I don’t understand the fuss, especially since it not living up to its name.

Rating: 0/5

Do not bother buying or even glancing at it, opt for a skincare where you will obtain value for your money and actually help with your skin condition.


New Year, New You!


Each and every year we make and write down our resolutions for the year that lies ahead of us, but how many of us actually keep to our resolutions and achieve them? Maybe 1 or 2 individuals amongst 100’s. So this year instead of writing and making a big list of 101 resolutions, don’t! Because with this brand New Year that’s ahead, we ditching that resolution list and this time around it’s all about YOU!

Yes, I know that may sound selfish, but this year use these 365 days to focus on yourself. So tear up that list of resolutions, and instead go with the flow, and by the end of this year you are guaranteed to be self- fulfilled. Use this year to do what you’ve always wanted to do, to be yourself, your true self and you will be truly happy.

Here are some way to obtain that self- fulfilment without a long list of resolutions:

*This is the first thing that you have to do if you want to be really happy, GET RID OF NEGATIVE PEOPLE, People with negative energy and people that constantly bring you down. You already have enough problems in your life, you don’t still need negativity!

*That relationship that’s heading nowhere, LET IT GO! You don’t need fighting and bickering, or anything that’s going to make you sad and unworthy of yourself. Yes I know some girls are scared of being alone, but hey! Being single is not that bad, and why be in a suffocating relationship that’s heading nowhere, when you can be in a relationship with yourself. You can now be yourself and invest in yourself.


*That bucket list that you keep on adding to, start doing and ticking off things. An adrenaline rush is guaranteed!


*Go to the places you’ve always wanted to go, interact with different people, and learn more about those cultures you’ve always wanted to learn about.

*That class that you’ve always wanted to take, go and sign up for it! No matter how dumb others think it is.


*The Gym Membership which you keep paying for every year, let it go! It’s important to be fit and active, so rather find a fun activity that you would enjoy such as an aerobics or yoga class, and you will be motivated to go and work out!

*Stay in and read that copy of Fifty Shades of Grey which you secretly downloaded.


*That new bob that every celeb has, you want to try it but you scared it might not look as good on you, and you don’t see yourself without your long locks, go for it! It’s time for change, a new hairdo, a new you!


*That pair of shoes that you have been raving about go and buy it! There’s no better feeling in the world then slipping into those killer heels.


This year it’s all about you, so do the stuff you love and always wanted to try out, life is way too short to live with regrets!