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Makeup Glam: Get this Look

Hello lovies! Not too long ago, I went for a wedding and I did this super glam look which I’ve been meaning to share with you.


Makeup details:

Eyes: Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow in Camo on the lid and the crease, and then I used the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel highlighter on the inner corner of my eye to make my eyes pop.

Eyeliner: Rimmel Exaggerated Liquid Liner

Brows: For the Brows I used  Rimmel Brow this Way, I cannot get enough of this product!

Face: Foundation is Artistry in Cappuccino.

Concealer: LA Girl Cosmetics in Toffee

Baking: Ben Nye Banana Powder

For contouring and highlighting I used Artist Of Makeup Contour in Dark and                     highlighter in Medium. To obtain a bit of shimmer I used the highlighter from the               Carli Bybel palette.

Setting: LA Girl setting spray.

Lips: Kylie Cosmetics in Vixen

P.s. Do you love this look? I know I definitely do!


Full face Makeup Tutorial

Hello my Lovies

I hope you have been having a fabulous week!

I’ve been asked many a times to do tutorials on how I do my makeup. I have vlogged before but I’ve only done portions of my face, I finally decided that I should and have to do a full face tutorial.If you have been following my blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m always on a budget so most of the products used in my tutorial can be purchased from a drugstore.

Yes, I know its not the best but I’m still trying to figure out all of this vlogging stuff. I do hope you enjoy my tutorial and subscribe to my channel!

xoxo Juwairiya

How to get perfect brows

Hello dolls

This week I won’t be publishing a blog post as I’m in the midst of studying. I’ll be uploading one as soon as I’m done with exams. If there’s something specific that you would like me to blog about please comment below and I will get to it.

I made a Vlog of how I get my eyebrows on fleek, and hopefully it will suffice for me not blogging this week.

Product Review: Lime Crime Velvetines


I received these Lime Crime lip colors a over a month ago but I haven’t worn it. I swatched it when I first got it and loved it, I used it on a few of my clients and loved how it looked but I still hadn’t tried them. About two weeks ago I decided well I can’t let these lippies stand so I decided to try them.


Swatches of the Lime Crime Velvetines

When I first put it on it felt really glossy on my lips, and I thought well aren’t these suppose to be matte? After about ten minutes it turned matte and looked amazing! I loved the pigmentation and how matte it is. Yes it is a bit pricey but it looks really good so why not splurge? Another great thing I discovered when wearing this was how long it stays, you could eat a whole steak and sip mocktails the entire night and it would just stay as it is! If you happen to fall off to sleep, you will wake up with it looking exactly the same as how it was when you just put it (not that I fell asleep with it). A facial wipe doesn’t just remove the lip color, you will need makeup remover and a lot of cotton swabs. I always like my lips to be moisturized, it doesn’t have to be the whole bottle of Vaseline but I do like it to be moisturized. The glitch on the Lime Crimes is that after a few hours your lips don’t feel as moisturized, and might actually feel dry even though the pigmentation is amazing. I put a bit of Vaseline just to get a bit of moisture and I was good to go. Apart from that little glitch, I do still think its amazing.

Verdict: 3.5/5 because of the small glitch apart from that its worth the purchase.

It’s a bit pricey if you mostly buy drugstore products, but it doesn’t cost as much as other high-end products. Its very matte, the colors are amazing; they are also extremely pigmented and long lasting. Are there better lippies out there? There’s always a better one, but for the price you getting a really good lip product.Worth the splurge? Definitely



Above I’m wearing the lip color: Saint 

If you have tried these Lime Crime lippies, do comment below and tell me whether the experience was mutual. And if you enjoyed this post please like and share because sharing is caring!

How to get the perfect winged eye

Winged eyes have been trending for decades and will not be going away anytime soon. I like any other girls have loved this trend since I first set my eyes on it, I would look at celebrities and people and wonder how would I look with it and how would I be able to do it so perfectly and precious. So yes, I first stared at people for months before I actually had the guts to try. Well at first it was a mess, there’s no one that could say that the first time they tried a winged eye they got it. At times one eye would be perfect and the other eye looked like a nightmare, but with a lot of practice and thousands of earbuds I was able to perfect this trend. So don’t sweat if you don’t get it right the first time.


The picture above will guide you to the perfect winged eye, just follow the different steps. However if that doesn’t work then you can try one of these tricks:

*Use tape. Yes I know it sounds dumb, but it will help. Put tape, not sellotape,from the middle to the side of your eye, then take your liner and follow the tape. Once its dry slowly take off the tape.

*Use a spoon. Take a spoon holding towards the outer part of your eye and then take the liner and follow the curve of the spoon. (You can also use a spoon when applying mascara to avoid it from messing on your eye.)

*Use your normal eyeliner. Take your normal black eyeliner and a lighter, and light the tip of your liner. Don’t light it too much. it must just be a bit melty, leave it to cool for a few seconds and apply as liquid eyeliner.

If you do make a small mistake, don’t take off the whole liner, take an earbud and make it abit wet, and just erase the small mistake and then do that part over. Getting the perfect winged eye takes a lot of mistakes, practice and the perfect liner. I personally love Essence Liquid Eyeliner (R57,95) and Rimmel Exaggerating Eyeliner (R99,95), both available at Clicks. I hope these tips help and within time you will also be able to perfect this not-so-hard trend :).

wp_ss_20141220_0001 ExaggerateLiquidEyeLiner_TEASER