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How To Contour and Highlight

When I first discovered contour and highlighting over a year ago, I was mind boggled! I was so fascinated and I had to get my hands on these products that would help me get such amazing results. At that time there wasn’t contour and highlighting sticks, so I had to search and search. Finally my search paid off when I was visiting my brother, and decided to pop into Mac which was just around the corner. I was shown a conceal and correct palette and I wasn’t really bought on it being the one to get my perfectly chiseled face. The artist there then just did a light contour on me, and I was sold! I used the conceal and correct palette till I got my hands on the Artist of Makeup Contour and Highlight Stick, and I’ve never looked back.

Since I’m going on about contouring and highlighting let me break it down for you, and then help you perfect your contour and highlight. Contouring is when you use a darker shade of product (which I’ll get into shortly) to define your features and creates an illusion of structure and lift on your face. Highlighting involves using shade of product quite a few shades lighter then you skin color to illuminate and draw all the attention to those areas of your face. In the picture below the darker product is the contour and the lighter one is the highlighter.


Depending on your face shape the places that you apply your products to your face will be different. The picture below will guide you on where you should apply product.


Now that I’ve broken it down for you, I’m gonna share with you how I do my contouring and highlighting. I used the Artist of Makeup Highlight and Contour stick.


I applied Contour to the places on my face that I’d like to define and highlighter to the places that I would like to stand out. Contouring and highlighting your nose allows your nose to appear more defined and shape.

I then took my angled brush and blended the contour, and then took my beauty blender and blended everything together. When blending, dab the blender on the areas with the product and everywhere else.


After blending the product

Once you’ve blended everything in really well you can apply a touch of blush just a little above the contour. However, if you are a bit like me and you want that even more defined look, then do continue reading.

To make my contour and highlight stand out even more, I applied the Revolution bronzer lightly over the contour, I then used the Revolution highlighter over where I just highlighted and then a shimmer highlighter over. To set I used my Max Factor Translucent Powder.

I love love the AOM products, they are literally the best, totally worth the splurge. For a drugstore product the LA Pro Girl Concealer can be used which can be purchased at Dis-Chem, just ensure that you choose a really darker and much lighter shade to get that really defined look.

A concealer or foundation alternatively can be used, just ensure that you choose a darker product for contour and a much lighter shade for highlighting.

Contouring and Highlighting just gives your makeup the WOW factor that its lacking.

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