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How I wash my Makeup Brushes without breaking the bank!

I absolutely love using my makeup brushes to create gorgeous looks, but cleaning them can be such a tedious task! I absolutely hate cleaning my brushes. Sometimes I feel like buying more brushes so I don’t have to clean my already used ones, but then reality hits me and I realize no matter how much more brushes I own I will still have to wash them.

Not washing your makeup brushes means that your favorite brushes remains dirty, makeup also tends to remain within your brushes and especially if product has been left for while will stain your brushes. Also not forgetting that reusing the same brush is extremely unhealthy as the bacteria in the brush increases and this could cause breakouts.

This is why its so important to wash your brushes regularly! There are many ways to wash your brush but running them under a tap and using your hands to cleanse the brush does not clean the brush and often residue is still left in the brush, so technically your brush is not actually clean. A cleansing pad should be used alongside a product to really get into that residue. There are lots of different products available on the market to use to cleanse your brush. I personally do not want to break the bank or my wallet just to get a little something that will cleanse my brushes, and that’s when I discovered Baby Shampoo. Yes, Baby Shampoo!

I mean my brushes are just as delicate as a baby’s hair, so why not use baby shampoo? Baby shampoo is extremely inexpensive, is extremely gentle on those bristles, cleanses the brushes thoroughly while still maintaining the softness of the hair on the brush. And also my brushes have such a gentle fragrance once I’ve washed it, which I absolutely love! I love the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, which can be purchased from literally anywhere.

Makeup Brush Cleansing Mat

I usually wet my brush and then I will apply the shampoo on it, thereafter I will cleanse it using a cleansing pad. I usually gently scrub it on the cleansing pad until all the product is gone, afterwards I rinse the brush with clean water and then squeeze the water out. I then leave it on a towel for a few hours to dry.

**The cleansing pad can be purchased from Dis-Chem for R49,95.

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Your Guide to Makeup Brushes



I love love brushes, they are everything, literally everything! Anyone that has started using brushes or already owns a gazillion will agree with me. Without brushes your makeup doesn’t look as good, because let’s be real, your hands can be used but there’s an extent to them also; like how are you putting powder or even applying and blending eyeshadow with your hands? Yes, you could be able to do that but the result is you looking super basic, so don’t even bother. With the introduction of brushes, your hands don’t even have to get messy and it just takes your makeup to another level, so you won’t ever have to worry of looking basic. Its amazing that new brushes keep on coming out and somehow we still find a use for them and absolutely need them in our collections. Yes, I’m one of those! But I can’t say no to brushes.

There are so thousands of different makeup brushes, and its difficult choosing the right one for a specific purpose, and then you end up buying a brush which you never use because you don’t know what to use it for or use the brush but incorrectly so there’s no use for the brush. Most of the time its these simple errors that keeps us back from obtaining a flawless finish. Well those errors will be easily taken away by yours truly, as this post is dedicated to brushes and their specific uses.


Above is a picture of the brushes that you will use to obtain a flawless finish, I will start from the top and explain each one till the end.

  1. The Powder Brush: This brush is used to apply powder on your face and also to blend powder. It can also be used to blend the rest of your face if you do not have another brush. The powder brush can also be used to apply bronzer and blend your highlighter and contour on your face; it doesn’t have the same effect as a highlighter or contour brush but it works pretty well. This is definitely a brush that you need in your makeup kit.
  2. The Body Brush: I don’t really use this brush but this brush comes with a set if you buy one. It can be used to evenly blend and distribute products on your face and body. It really helps to even out the product on your body, so that everything looks like one tone and not multiple shades at once.
  3. The Blush Brush: I don’t even really have to explain this one because I’m sure you know exactly what its for, but if you don’t, allow me to explain it once again. The blush brush helps you to take the blush and apply it your cheekbones. The brush is usually and angled fluffy one to evenly distribute the different hues across your cheekbones.
  4. The Foundation Brush: This brush is usually similar to a concealer brush but much bigger and more flatter. You can apply foundation to the brush or to your face and then use the brush to evenly distribute the product across your face. Make sure you use the brush to evenly blend out the product across your face. You can then use powder, body or contour brush to ensure that the product is well blended into your skin.
  5. The Highlighter Brush: A highlighter brush allows you evenly apply and blend the highlighter on the areas that you applied it. You can then use this brush to apply a shiny highlighter over your creamy highlighter after it has been blended in. A fan brush can also be used to evenly apply the glittery or shiny highlighter to your face.
  6. The Contour Brush: The contour brush can be used to apply and blend the contour to your face. The contour brush is usually an angled brush that’t not very  fluffy but really helps to get that angled look. Ensure when you use this brush that when you blending it, you blending it as your contoured, so that your angled look is not all over but only at the parts where you would like it to look like its angled.
  7. The Primer Brush: The primer brush displayed above is a bit fluffy but the angle is rounder. This brush is used to apply primer to your face and then blend the primer in. A primer brush can also be a bit smaller to easily blend the primer in. This brush can also be used to blend in the concealer and other products on your face.
  8. The Concealer Brush: This brush is much similar to the foundation brush but its much smaller and the bristles are also much more then the foundation brush. It can be used to apply concealer to all the areas of your face you would like to conceal and also to blend the concealer on your face. It can also be used to apply contour and highlighter to your face, and color corrector.
  9. 10, 11, 12. Eyeshadow Brushes: All these brushes are used for eyeshadow.  9 & 10 can be used to apply the base of your eyeshadow and also eyeshadow on your eyes. The flatter ones are used to apply the eyeshadow to your eye. The rounder ones such as 10 are used to blend the eyeshadow. You cannot use 10 for anything other then blending the eyeshadow. If you apply product on it, it will fall and its not going to be in place because it is NOT for application. Please remember this as many are prone to this mistake.

13. The Brow Bone Brush: This brush can be used to apply product to your brow bone, not your brows! It can also be used to blend the highlighter if highlighter is applied under your eye brows.

14. The Brow Brush: The brow brush is always a small, flat, super angled brush. This can be used to apply product to your brows, as well as fill in your brows, and line your brows to get a perfectly arched brow.

15. The Eyeliner Brush: Yes you know what this brush is  for. Its used to apply eyeliner to your and will also help you obtain that winged eyeliner that you’ve always been lusting after. The thinner the brush, the thinner the liner will be and the easier it will be to use.

16. The Lip Brush: This brush can be used to apply lip products such as lipstick, lipgloss and lip liner. It will help you not only to apply the products to your lips, but get your cupids brow right and perfectly line your lips. You can also use this brush to ensure that the product is evenly distributed across your lips and to blend in different colors.This brush will also ensure that inner corners of your lips have product too.

These are the most basic brushes that you will encounter, and I hope this has helped to know what brushes to use, when and for.

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