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Wake up with fresh, bright and glowy skin


You know how each of us want super amazing skin when we wake up and each day, but most of the time getting this super amazing and glowing skin fills your pocket with an extremely big hole hole and to add on to that hole it takes a lot of time and commitment. Well don’t you worry about this any longer because yours truly is here ¬†and has decided to share a huge beauty secret with you (that she lives by), to help you get that amazing skin that you’ve been lusting after without even a cotton being unstitched in your pocket.

This product has changed my life and how I look when I wake up, like literally! And hopefully will change yours too. I obtained this product a month ago when I went to Dis- Chem and I’ve heard that using it before apply foundation will give your foundation the dewy finish that I’ve always want. So I thought why not? It’s not that expensive, if it doesn’t give me the dewy finish that I want I’ll figure out another way or something else to use it for. And as I expected my foundation looked so dewy and fresh, I loved it. I was using this product for a few weeks with my foundation and since I only use a few drops each time, I thought well I’d better find another use for you because you can’t just be used occasionally.

Well I’m sure you are wondering and cringing in your seats or beds and screaming what is this product? Just tell us what this product is so we can go out and get our taste of this product already! Let me just tell you what this not- so- mysterious product is and then I can get back to helping you get that glowing skin when you wake up.

Sweet Almond Oil. Yes, you read it right! Sweet Almond Oil, that’s what I’ve been going on about and shall be going on about in this post.


Continuing about how this product is super amazing; about ten days ago, as I was about to put my eye cream on before I slept, I decided that I was going to put the sweet almond oil under my eye instead of the eye cream.


Sweet Almond Oil: R47,95

I liked the way my under eye looked when I woke up in the morning. I did it the evening and again liked the result. The third night before I slept I decided that I wasn’t just going to put it under my eyes but also on my face and eyebrows, so I put a few drops and massaged it in a circular motion on my face. When I woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror I was so amazed! My skin looked so fresh, bright and glowy. I was in awe!. I did this continuously and each day when I look in the mirror I’m probably more amazed then what I was the previous day. Not only does my skin look super fresh and glowy but after a few days I could see the marks on my face being reduced and my dark circles under my eyes were not as visible, it also helps with the growth of eyebrows.

I can even go out just when I wake up because my skin is so fresh and looks amazing. This miracle in a bottle can also be used all over your body to get super smooth and glowy skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have tried it or plan on trying it, I would love to know if you obtained similar results.

Please like and share, so that everyone knows how to get “I woke up like this” skin.

*The same brand and make of the Sweet Almond Oil doesn’t necessarily have to be the same, just look at your local Dis- Chem, Clicks, chemist or drugstore for Sweet Almond Oil.


How to cover up bags under your eyes

Under eye circles are the worst, they are literally a living nightmare. Anyone that has a tad bit of a bag under their eyes would agree with me. I’ve been having these forever, and at first I thought its probably because I don’t sleep enough or I haven’t been drinking enough water and even though I got more hours of sleep and kept hydrated, the bags still remained. After closely examining the people in my family I realized that its a gene and there ain’t nothing you can do about it except use a really good eye cream, get lots of sleep and be hydrated. I also noticed that it wasn’t just my family and I, but a lot of people with olive skin had the same issue.

I realized that the solution to this little issue was makeup. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t cover it up, but I prefer it just not to be there. For years I’ve tried different techniques and products to cover it up but it didn’t give me the full coverage I needed, eventually from a couple of years of experimenting I found ways to give me the full coverage I needed. Its quite a bit of steps and at first could be time consuming but the results are so worth it!


                                           These are the products I used to get amazing coverage.


This is how I look without any makeup on, as you can see the circles under my eyes are horrible.

First I applied an eye cream, left it for a few minutes to set and then I applied the Rimmel Primer as shown in the picture right above.

I seen a video where a YouTuber used red lipstick under her eyes and she had a flawless finish. I thought, Wow! I need to try this! and I did and I didn’t get the same results. I then through that out of the window and then a few months back I came across this amazing technique called color correcting and in color correcting you mostly use orange to cover up the dark circles, I tried that too and it turned out a tad bit orange under my eye. After a lot of unsuccessful techniques I went back to the red lipstick technique but this time I tried a shade darker and this was it! I realized that for it to work properly you had to look carefully at your complexion, so the darker your skin tone is the darker the shade of red should be, however if you have lighter skin you should opt for an orangish/peachy lipstick or corrector.

I then applied the Rimmel Signature Red lipstick under my eye, I used my fingers to apply it and I slowly build up on the product till it was fully covered. I look ridiculous! but just wait till to see the end results!


After applying the red on my under eye, I color corrected the rest of my face and then you apply foundation (I didn’t use foundation in this post, instead I used BB cream as I didn’t want full coverage). After applying foundation I used a brush to blend and then my beauty blender to get a flawless face.


Once my face was blended, I applied concealer, the Mac Conceal and Correct, under my eyes in a v shape (here you draw a v under your eyes with the concealer) and then blend with the Beauty Blender. After doing that, I take a tissue and gently dab it around my eyes, not rub BUT dab! This prevents your under eye from creasing which results into you looking gorgeous for the whole day and night.

Once I’m done with that I used my damp Beauty Blender and dipped it into the Max Factor Translucent Powder and inserted it around my eyes. I then left it to bake and did my eyebrows while it was baking.

After that I blended the powder and applied the Maybelline Pressed Powder. I then completed the rest of my face and as you can see the results are amazing!