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The BEST Drugstore Moisturizer for YOUR skin this winter!

Its Winter! And you know what that means? Extremely dry skin that starts cracking even though you have been putting on cream the entire day. Its gets super annoying and nothing looks good, because your skin look and feels horrible. Winter is just the season that gives you extremely dehydrated skin; but do not fear, I got you. With the right moisturizer dry skin will be the least of your problems.

I discovered this baby when my skin dried out because of all of the different acne treatments and products I was using. My skin became extremely dry, it was so dry that my skin was highly irritated and it use to hurt me! I would carry my day cream in my handbag and I would apply it throughout the day and that was still not helping my skin. It was an absolute nightmare, until a colleague suggested that I try Eucerin Aquaporin.

I wasn’t too sure if it would work especially since my skin was in such a horrible state. I decided to give it a try, I mean my skin couldn’t get worse then how it was. And to my utmost surprise, this little miracle in a jar literally turned my skin around. After the first use, my skin was already nourished and it didn’t look dry at all! Within the next few days, my skin looked and felt so much better. All my dry patches had disappeared and my skin was not irritated, it was soft and calm which felt extremely weird, but it was definitely something I could get use to.

The Eucerin Aquaporin comes in a little glass jar; the packaging is extremely neat and one jar could last you a good few months, even if you used it every single day. The formula is creamy, and a little thick and could feel greasy on application if not massaged properly into the skin.

This moisturizer is literally the best thing that ever happened to my skin! Its also amazing for winter so your skin doesn’t dry out or look malnourished. I’ve tried many moisturizers but nothing comes close to the love affair that I have with Aquaporin.

Eucerin Aquaporin available at Clicks or Dis- Chem: R229,95

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